Thursday, November 24, 2011

The whole world knows!

Yesterday we told the world we are married, we changed our Facebook status...
We waited this long because we wanted to tell people who don't do Facebook (yes, there are still people who don't have a Facebook account! Bless them!) and we didn't want them to find out through the grapevine. I would have hated that!
So after we returned from our honeymoon my husband and I (and yes, it still gives me a bit of a rush when I say or write 'husband'.. I am 12 years old apparently..) asked our family members who had made pictures if we could have some. After a lot of self-criticism (we have a tendency to close our eyes whenever a picture is taken.. Who knew!) we finally picked one.

The picture we finally went with!
Yes, I already posted it in my previous post but I posted it again to save you the trouble of having to go back. Aren't I nice ;-)?

After picking the picture we made a card (well, Joris did, I gave directions), had it printed and when it came we rounded the corners ourself. Let me tell you; it hurts rounding the corners of 100 cards with a corner punch!
But I do think it looks nice. Gives it a softer feel..

The most difficult part was gathering all the addresses! There are a lot of people who didn't even respond, or just told me they don't do Christmas-cards.. Very strange..
Anyway! We got most of the addresses and sent the cards! Then we waited for two days and now it's out! Everybody gets to know we are married!!!

It's still a bit surreal. And after 3 weeks I was finally getting used to being married and getting on with "normal" live, but now people who just heard we got married are congratulating us, and are asking about it. It's nice. Also a bit confusing (I was just getting in the swing of regular live), but definitely nice!

When we got married we got some gift cards (yay!). Last Saturday we went and spend some of those gift cards! We got a bird-feeder and a fire-basket (if that translation makes any sense?) :p!
I'll take a picture of it when it's light out, it's already completely dark..
And we bought some Christmas decoration.
I can't wait for Christmas to come!
I am sooo looking forward to it! (I'm sure I will be disappointed, that's how high my expectations are! I mean, with expectations this high, you really have to expect being disappointed, right :p?) I want this Christmas to be the best, ever! And the best thing is, Joris will be off for two whole weeks! How great is that!?

So I'm looking forward to Christmas, while Joris is looking forward to this weekend. He has been selected to test play the new Star Wars game. And he gets to start this Friday. I don't think I have seen him this excited, ever. He's like a little kid  on Christmas Day! We're even going to get up ridiculously early so he can get to work early (like 6 am early..) so he can go home early so he can start the game when it starts, and not a minute later! Right... I must either be crazy or really love him for getting up at 6 am so he can go play a game, for the entire weekend...

Sorry I haven't posted anything more substantial about the wedding or the honeymoon. I'm still hiding behind being a newlywed!

Here are two pictures my mother made, to tie you over!

An alllmost kiss!

I'm not sure, but apparently there was something in the tree..
I actually like this one, a lot!

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