Monday, November 14, 2011

Done and done!

Well now, time has flown by!

It's been two weeks that my love, Joris, and I tied the knot!
We're Mr and Mrs now!
It's hard to believe, it still feels surreal, but also wonderful, and it might sound cliché, but I feel proud to be his wife.

We had a lovely wedding, maybe a bit more sleep, or well, any sleep. the night before would have been nice, but we were so busy getting the house ready in time for the wedding reception we had to sacrifice sleep for the night.
I made it a point not to look at the weather report before the wedding, because I new it would stress me out if the weather report would predict bad weather, but the weather-gods were so good to us! We had the most beautiful weather we could have asked for! Sunny and incredibly warm!

The days leading up to the wedding were quite stressful, and if you would ask me I might just have to admit that I called off the wedding about three times in the days leading up to the wedding. Not something I'm proud of, but I'm very glad Joris did not agree, and just sat with me, listened to me, let me cry, and somehow managed to get me going again (and trust me, that is not an easy thing to do!)!
I did not expect to feel this way. I thought moving in together, buying a house together was a bigger step then getting married. I was wrong. Getting married was just as big a step. And emotionally it was even more significant then buying a house together!

It's been two weeks, to the day, and I'm still kind of floating on a cloud.
We got married on Monday October 31, at 9.30 AM.
After the very short, very intimate ceremony (only our immediate family was there) we went back to our Home for a home made brunch. A few close friends joined us there.
At 1 PM we left our house to walk to the train station, where our family and friends waved us goodby as we left, by train, on our honeymoon. It felt very symbolic, very loving, very good.
We went to Vlieland, a small island just off of the Dutch coast for our honeymoon. It was absolutely wonderful! And deserves a separate post!

We did not have a photographer, but there were several people taking pictures, and we're still getting them from our family members. Today I have a few pictures, of just the two of us. Taken by my dad and his girlfriend.

Maybe not the most flattering picture of us, but it's one of the few were I am wearing they faux-fur stole my mother made for me! It was so warm that day I didn't even need it! Here we just got to the Village Hall. My mother picked us up, and we cramped ourself (four people in total!) in a tiny car, because our car decided to not start any more! 

Here we are waiting for our number to come up, number 601!
Not sure what's going on with Joris beard!

Us getting married!

Back at our house. This is our view from our Home. I love this picture!


I'll probably sort out some other pictures and devote an other post to the wedding and honeymoon at some point. But there are sooo many pictures to go through! And so many unflattering angles! Hehehe, lol!

It was so much fun, and I'm so happy we did it this way, but boy, It felt like I was hit by a truck! And I need some time to let it all sink in. Get settled with my husband and to enjoy being a newly-wed!


  1. Congratulations! I can only imagine the stress of planning a wedding, but it looks and sounds like it all came off well! And I'm intrigued by the sound of this honeymoon destination...

  2. Emily, thank you!
    Yes, planning the wedding was a bit stressful, but sooo worth it!
    And for our honeymoon destination, I'll have to make a post about it! It's such a lovely place! I had been there before when I needed to get away and find a safe-haven, and I did. I was a bit nervous to go there for our honeymoon, because Joris had never been there, and I was wrong I had remembered it wrong.. But I didn't. It was still a magical place, and he loved it too!