Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lucky 13!!! (Watch out; long post ahead!)

So, it's been a while, and a lot has happened!

We got the house!!!! Jay!!!!
Well, sort of...

I needed to get a life insurance in order to get a mortgage. For The Boyfriend this was no problem. But I got turned down by two insurance companies. To be honest, it made me very sad, and even angry! I can put your mind at ease, I'm not ill nor am I dying. But I am overweight and I have been ill. This was reason for them not to want to take a risk and insure me. It came as a unexpected blow! I even had blood-work done, and all was perfect, but still, they thought the risk was to high.
I felt miserable. We had been through a lot to try and get this house, and now we might still loose it, because of me.
But then, there was one insurance company that DID want to insure me. Ok, the rates are a bit higher, but still fine, ok, good!

And because everything else is in order, we now can say, we got the house!!!!

To be honest, I still have a 'I'll believe it when I see it' feeling. But I'm sure that will pass, especially when The Boyfriend and I have signed the papers and receive the keys to our new home!

And the date we will get the keys to our new home is... (drum roll please!): Monday 13th December 2010!!!
Who ever said 13 is an unlucky number? Not me!

Because The Boyfriend and I are buying a house together without being married (we're not against getting married, but we want to live together for a bit first.) we are going to sign a co-habiting contract. It states all sort of things. From pensions, to what to do (who gets the house, the stuff) if we separate, what we think can be paid for with our joined checking account, etc.
Figuring this out was a lot of work, and most of the time not a whole lot of fun! But I'm glad we did it. You never know if, when, or why things might go wrong. And it's good to have thought about these things before you have to deal with them.
So, we are signing this contract (probably) the Friday before we get the keys, so on December 10th.
Ok, it's not a wedding, I know this! But it is the closest I've ever been to something resembling a marriage. Neither The Boyfriend nor I have ever lived with someone, so we are both doing this for the first time.
We want to make it a special day. The Boyfriend will take the day off work and we plan to go out to dinner and make it a special day, for us anyway. We'll probably go and sit outside our, then very soon to be, home!
To symbolize this special day we are looking for a ring, for Moi! (I can be such a Girl sometimes!)!
I have a half a carat stone that we are trying to find an old ring/setting for. Something Art Deco or 1940's would be nice.
I love the idea of repairing an old, once loved, ring. So it can be loved once again. And of course, we have a budget to think about, we are buying a house, you know!
We did spot one, but I'm afraid it's going to be a bit too expensive for us...
So, if you know, see, or hear about one, let me know!

I'll try and post more often. Now that I know we might actually get this house I think I'll have more fun writing about it!

However, I don't want to just write about a house. I want to write about making a Home. And the things that I enjoy, and come across. Fun things, and sometimes, not so fun things.

The Boyfriend came home last night and he had bought me the sweetest present! Angel Chimes! We have the silver ones and I'm trying to restrain myself, to keep them in the box until we have the new house!

I'm also looking at bags... I want lot's and lot's of new bags!!! (I know I'm focusing on other things then the house, because I'm still scared it all might not happen.. But that's OK. I like bags!) First I want a small Dooney & Bourke bag, but a vintage one, like this one (but I can't afford that one..).
AND I want a bigger bag! I'm actually looking for a lovely, soft, leather one, in brown. I know of a Michael Kors one I love, but I can't find it, and if I could, I'm afraid I won't be able to afford it... But a girl can dream, can't she?
I want this perfect-bag to have a vintage feel to it. I love the 1940's, and I love vintage stuff, or things that have a vintage-feel to them.
I was thinking about this one, from Zara.
But it's a tad to expensive, and I've looked at it, and I'm afraid it won't be practical in my day-to-day life.
Then there is this one, from Sasha. What I really LOVE about this one is that the lining is of this lovely flower fabric! You can see some of it on the flower on the bag. I love that! And it's in my price range! Well, sort of.. I really can't afford to buy anything right now, let alone a bag.. But if I did (and knowing me, I will..) this would be more my price range.)
What I don't love about the bag, is that it's plastic, and shiny and maybe a bit too orange in real live.

I don't know... I might go back into town tomorrow and look at both bags again. I know I will not be buying any new bags, until this one action on eBay has ended... It's for a ring setting I really love... And, I'm sorry, but, no. I'm not going to tell you which one!

Take a look at our garden!

This is one of the things The Boyfriend and I LOVED about this house, the backyard!
It's bigger then the house is!

Here is a view towards the house..

Aaaah, lovely....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Physical and the pink rooms

So, I had my physical for the life-insurance we have to get in order to get the mortgage for the house.
I was really nervous, but it's out off my hands now and all we can do is wait for the results...

I'm secretly thinking about my (hopefully) to-be craft-room... It's tiny and pink.
Actually, there are two tiny pink (bed)rooms in the house. The Boyfriend and I are each making an office-type room.
I would love to have my own office/craft-room!!! I've been dreaming of one for years now! I don't care if it's tiny, as long as it fits at least a desk and a bookcase I'm happy!

For now I think I prefer the one with views of the front of the house..

Or maybe the backyard..?

Oh, choices!

What do you think?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The down side...

Buying a home with your partner should be fun, and it is, most of the time..
Today it is all getting to me a bit. And that's okay, I'll probably feel better tomorrow, but today I feel tired and tiny. (I hope I feel better tomorrow.. right? I'll feel better soon, right??)
Today it feels like it's never going to happen...
But I hope it will!

I'm trying not to think too much about house-stuff today.
Slept a lot, read some blogs about bikes and food, always a good thing!

Alright.. I can't resist.. one more picture of what I hope will be my future home...
When we enter the lovely blue/green door you step into the.. Horrible Hallway!

Sooo, yes, the house does need some work and a lot of TLC, but that is fine. I'd love to give it to her, him.., it? Well, you get the idea!

Love the stairs though!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A house, a Home

Hi, my name is Sarah.
And my boyfriend and I are trying to buy our first home together.

We are now sort of living in my rental-apartment while his apartment sits mostly empty.
Together we want to make a home. So now we are in the process of buying a house together.

This house to be exact.

Today we are going to the realtor to sign our temporary contract!
It's a very exiting day, and also a bit scary.

We don't know for sure if we can buy this lovely house, but if we can, we want to make it our home!