Thursday, April 14, 2011

Almost there!

So after a lot of interviews we found ourselfs a builder!
It wasn't an easy task, because we have a tight budget en limited time, but we finally found someone who could make us a staircase, new patiodoors, do some electricalwork and some plumming for us!
And so far, we are really happy about it!
He is making recordtime! We thought it might take somewhere between 3 to 6 weeks for him to be ready, but as it looks now, he will be done next week!!!
The stairs went in THIS week!!!!

This is great news!
This also means that my fiance and I will have to go back to work ourselfs!

We hope to get the last changes done ourself and then it's time for cleaning, filling holes, painting and putting in floors! Then: the move!

I love the idea of living there, but I am dredding The Move... I have a lot of stuff, and always start to panic a bit when I realise all that STUFF has to be packed, caried down 6 (six!) flights of stairs, put in a van and be placed and unpacked at the new house.
The fact that we don't own a car (I don't even have my licence!) makes me a bit scared. And totaly dependend on other people.
I don't like that.

But, I'll deal with it, I'll have to!
And it will be fine, so far it has always worked out.

Every now and then I get a bit house-tired. Then all I see are the things we have to do, have to sort, clean, pack, think about... To relax I sometimes take a day (or half a day) "off". I go to see someone (and beg then not to ask about the house!) or I go and look a wedding stuff!
Because, I am going to be a bride next year!

But, for now, I'll show you some more of our lovely home!

This is a picture of our bedroom (it even has a balcony!!!!).
It's no longer orange (I really do not like the colour orange).
People kept calling it the 'parents-bedroom' and I kept thinking: "Hu? this is not my parents bedroom! It's my bedro... ooh!"
It's not the biggest bedroom, so not officially the 'master-bedroom'.

The biggest bedroom is The Blue Room

You can get why we call it the blue room!

It is also no longer blue.. but we still call it 'the blue room', kind of confusing for people who haven't seen it in it's blue state!
This is going to be our guest room. And (maybe someday) a childs bedroom.
For now it's going to be my fiance's study, until we can finish the attic.

Still have to take pictures with my new camera!
I have taken it out of the house now!
I just bought a Banana Hammock for it, so now I can put it in my bag and go!
I just haven't dared to take any pictures af the house in it's current state.. Probably because I was scared to even walk around there... :p!

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