Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Physical and the pink rooms

So, I had my physical for the life-insurance we have to get in order to get the mortgage for the house.
I was really nervous, but it's out off my hands now and all we can do is wait for the results...

I'm secretly thinking about my (hopefully) to-be craft-room... It's tiny and pink.
Actually, there are two tiny pink (bed)rooms in the house. The Boyfriend and I are each making an office-type room.
I would love to have my own office/craft-room!!! I've been dreaming of one for years now! I don't care if it's tiny, as long as it fits at least a desk and a bookcase I'm happy!

For now I think I prefer the one with views of the front of the house..

Or maybe the backyard..?

Oh, choices!

What do you think?

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